Message from the president & founder Dr. Moheb A. Rashid, MD, PhD. 

Dear colleagues and friends.. 

I am proud and honored to present the World Society for Cardiothoracic Trauma (WSCTT) as a new society to our cardiothoracic surgical world. WSCTT is a non-profit making, web-based cardiothoracic surgical trauma forum which provides education, by a gathered World's experts, gives discussion and on-line support for trauma surgeons dealing with chest trauma worldwide both civilans and military. As you know that, cardiothoracic trauma is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and is the leading cause of death in about 25% of multitrauma patients
under the age of forty. It also causes death in additional 50% of multitrauma patients mainly due to damage to the two most vital organs in the body, namely the heart and lungs. Inspite of that, and according to our significant international experience, we found that the vast majority of cardiothoracic surgeons and general trauma surgeons lacking experience and proper management in this vital field.

Therefore, the urgent international need of such a society is obvious. Such a need is
now clearer when we see the magnitude of increasing violence in many otherwise
previously peaceful countries like Sweden and the rest of Scandinavian countries.
Violence is not any more limited mostly to The USA and South Africa. The unrest in the Middle East, and conflicts in other parts of the world, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa witness on a steady increasing trauma in general and cardiothoracic trauma patients specifically.

I hope also that the birth of our Society will help in preventing or mitigating interpersonal violence, increasing the public awareness about cardiothoracic trauma and its prevention.

We will have a journal representing the society and this will be an open access to be available and free of charge to any interested colleauge, or researcher. This is important to help colleauges, students and researchers having easy and free access particularly those from low-income countries where much trauma are generated. In this way, the society can help in distributing knowledge and expertise to those who need it worldwide.

The journal is called "Journal of Cardiothoracic Trauma". Please visit it at
( The Journal includes basic and clinical original articles, reviews, case reports, even guidelines and evidence-based cardiothoracic trauma. A bienniel meeting will be held in any country by election of the memebers. 

Finally, I extend my sincere appreciation, thoughts and hope to our colleauges, nurses and paramedics working in disasters, wars, and regions with limited resources to save many lives.

Best regards
Moheb A. Rashid, MD, PhD

President and Founder of the World Society for Cardiothoracic Trauma
Surgeon-In-Chief Scandinavian Cardiovascular Surgery Center

Gothenburg, Sweden
+46 708350680